Brooklyn seems to be the end-all, be-all of cool and trendy places for millennials today. So why would they leave their comfortable metropolis and head down south for some southern hospitality? Recent reports have cited an exodus out of Brooklyn and into New Orleans, especially those looking for dual locations when it comes to seasonal changes.

With a plethora of restaurants, bars, nightlife opportunities, new construction development, and a burgeoning art and music scene, what’s not to love with NOLA?

Here are a few reasons why individuals are making the jump down south:

  1. The Weather:

Many New Yorkers are starting to winter in NOLA, and summer up north. Instead of flying to Florida or Cali, these individuals, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads are more interested in the fun and engaging culture that comprises the city of New Orleans. It’s no secret New York winters can be absolutely brutal, while New Orleans maintains a cool and mild temperature range that can feel hot to those from up North.

  1. Partying:

Many interviews have cited that New Orleans offers a more intense party scene than even New York City, if you know where to find it. And no, we aren’t talking about Bourbon Street. New Yorkers say they love the secret allure and musical appeal of partying in NOLA – it adds more dimension to the experience.

  1. Affordability:

New York is plain unaffordable today, from the rent rates, to a bagel down the street. NOLA still remains affordable, especially when compared to the Empire State alternative. For many, it’s refreshing to be able to save some of their money again.

  1. Failure is an Option:

With so much new construction, affordable rates, and a lower standard of living, entrepreneurs and small business owners can flirt with failure in NOLA. In Brooklyn, failure means you’re as good as done, creating a financial hole that’s impossible to climb out of… but, for this same kind of person, failure is an option in NOLA. It’s giving rise to more creative endeavors and thoughts.

  1. Calm, Cool, and Collected:

Above all, New Orleans is home to a more relaxed individual when compared to New York. After awhile, those living in Brooklyn can’t take the pace anymore – they just want a break. NOLA is the perfect place to find it, with still the right amount of ambition.


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