Which One Should I Use In My New Construction Home?

For all of the builders and developers out there looking to help the booming real estate market of New Orleans, Louisiana grow to levels never seen before, you better make sure you choose the right insulation material to ensure that your projects are safe from the elements and built to last through the next Hurricane season.

For those interested in using Spray Foam insulation for their next new construction building project, you have two options:

While both forms are a world’s more effective than the traditional fiber glass insulation, they do come with their differences.


Open Cell Spray Foam

Open Cell Spray Foam is among the most popular option of the two, mainly due to its versatility, its affordable price point, and its effectiveness in every day protections. All Spray Foams are categorized by density; Open Cell Spray Foam is right in the middle. By offering builders a dependable, safe, and affordable insulation option that can help to protect a home against the elements, every day moisture, and humidity, Open Cell Spray Foam is almost always the top choice for builders and developers working on new construction projects.

Open Cell Spray Foam will help to fill those hard to reach nooks and crannies within attics, wall cavities, and basements, to ensure that the clean, safe, and filtered air inside of your home doesn’t escape or mix with the allergy/toxin-filled exterior air, while also protecting against humidity and moisture.

Not only does Spray Foam insulation help to increase the value of a home, it also increases the structural integrity of a home over time, and helps residents save tremendously on heating, cooling, and repair costs.


Closed Cell Spray Foam

Closed Cell Spray Foam is similar to Open Cell, but it goes much further in terms of its protective ability, it’s versatility, and its usage. However, it also comes with a higher price point. Closed Cell Spray Foam is a higher density, meaning it has more protective power. In addition, it can be installed at lower temperatures, due to its higher density, and is also more effective in highly flood-prone areas.

Closed Cell Spray Foam is specifically designed to repel and block bulk water from storms, general floods, and other environmental hazards. It works wonders for both interior and exterior use, and also increases the structural integrity of a home by 275%.

For builders and developers looking to make New Orleans the destination for their next new construction project, Closed Cell Spray Foam may be your best choice. But if finances are an issue, you can rest assured knowing that Open Cell Spray Foam is also an effective, cheaper alternative.

Green Apple Insulation

Green Apple Insulation is the premiere provider of Spray Foam insulation solutions within the city of New Orleans. If you’re ready to insulate your home the right way, contact us today to get started.





Image Credits: New Orleans Education League of the Construction Industry (NOEL) http://www.hbanoel.org/