spray foamCan you believe that 90% of homes in the United States are under-insulated?  Under-insulation causes your home to lose excessive heat in winter and gain excessive heat in summer.  The drastic temperature shifts add to energy costs and cause your HVAC system to work harder.  Spring is a great time to upgrade your home insulation, and THIS spring is the BEST time to do it!  Keep reading for three reasons spring is an ideal time to insulate your home:

1.  Easier Scheduling

For most homeowners, the thought of upgrading insulation doesn’t occur until it’s really hot or really cold.  Either the extreme change in temperatures, soaring energy bills, or both prompt homeowners to contact an insulation contractor.  Since it’s on everyone’s minds, the summer tends to be a busy time for insulation companies.  By scheduling in spring, you will beat the crowds, lock in your savings sooner, and enjoy a full summer of mild temperatures and lower energy bills.

2.  Comfort

In Louisiana, we have brutal summers.  Since your purpose in insulating your home is respite from that relentless heat, the cooler temperatures of spring are an ideal time for you (and your insulation contractor) to complete a job.  You, your home, and your contractor don’t have to risk overheating, and you still reap all of the benefits!

3.  Summer Savings

Insulating your home early doesn’t cut out any of the benefits.  Sure, summer’s extreme temperatures cause energy bills to skyrocket.  So much so, that a well-insulated home can experience reduced energy costs of more than 50% over the summer.  However, homeowners will notice a reduction in energy costs regardless of the season.  Better insulation means a more stable temperature inside your home, which means that your air conditioner runs less often.  That means increased savings no matter the season.

Temperatures are still low, but we know how volatile the weather can be.  Don’t let the heat sneak up on you.  Make the most of this amazing weather by upgrading your insulation.  There’s no time better than the spring!