Cold floors equal cold feet! This has to be the most common complaint from customers in the colder months. Wether it’s you, your significant other, children, elders or even pets nobody likes cold feet from ice cold floors. Yes you can put on thick socks or slippers but that does’t solve the constant draft throughout the house or having to constantly run your heater just to compensate for the frigid floors. Worse case you can run a space heater, right? No! This has always proven a hazard over the years resulting in countless home fires.

Spray Foam

Now here is the solution, spray foam insulation. Which solves two of the most important problems!

  1. Drafts entering the home through cracks
  2. Weak or no insulation installed under your home

By applying spray foam to the underside of your raised home is a sure bet when dealing with cold floors. This undid o your home is typically referred to as a crawl space, or an exterior subfloor. There is a few different types of foam but closed cell spray foam is the most common one used due to it’s hard density and ability to provide a vapor barrier from unwanted moisture creeping up into your floors or home in general. Closed cell spray foam insulation is commonly applied at a 2 inch average, but 3 niches isn’t unheard of. 2-3 inches doesn’t sound like much but when you consider the product is comparable to concrete once it cures you kinda understand it’s a serious insulation unlike the traditional fiberglass or blow in loose insulations. Best thing about going with spray foam most companies if not all offer a lifetime warranty on the material and labor because it has proven to be a permeant solution after installed.

Need a Quote

If you are interested in getting a quote on getting your homes floors sprayed with foam insulation you can expect to pay anywhere from $1.85 to $2.25 per sqft for a 2 inch average. Prices typically vary based on complexity. Most homes are very low to the ground and require the product to be installed by crawling around on your back the entire time spraying the foam with a gun that shoots the liquid form of the foam before it mixes and expands to bond to the underside of your sub flooring. New Orleans, La and Bay St. Louis, MS are the most common places for raised homes that need closed cell spray foam.

If you are looking to get a formal quote feel free to give us a call or simply fill out the contact form located on every page on this website including this one. We respond in 15 minutes or less during regular business hours and we have a super fast turn around on getting someone out to meet you to start the estimating process.

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