Although spray foam may initially seem costly to most consumers, people are unaware of the many benefits of spray foam insulation. One of the main reasons people decide to insulate their houses with spray foam is because it can provide an average of 40%-60% energy savings monthly. Because of the incredible insulation powers of spray foam, families and businesses have been able to cut bill costs basically in half.

Due to the air-tight seal spray foam creates, air and moisture outside of your home impact the temperature inside your home significantly less than with traditional forms of insulation. Along with this, spray foam also reduces the amount of dust and pollen that enter your home. Spray foam can seal any hole or cracking, making it almost impossible for air and other substances to travel in and out.

The chemical composition of the foam does not provide a source of food for mold and bacteria, meaning that your home is well protected. This is also the case for insects as well as rodents. The thickness of spray foam also allows the added benefit of noise reduction, making your home not only more comfortable, but also quieter. And on top of all of this, spray foam is also eco-friendly because it reduces energy consumption and is made to last, which means less materials have to be consumed. So even though spray foam may be a more expensive option of insulation, its durability, dependability, and chemical composition provide the best form of insulation on the market.