Open cell spray foam insulation is by far the best insulation product you can put inside your new home or existing home. Anything else falls under and could never compare to the benefits short and long term with spray foam insulation. Unlike older traditional insulations such as fiberglass batts and recycled blow-ins, one thing you can take to the bank is that spray foam is a true invest with endless returns.

The Basics.. And a lot More

Lets talk about density first, all spray foams are rated by density. Open Cell Spray Foam is another name for half pound 0.5 density foam. This density or weight is based off the weight of one cubic sqft of open cell spray foam. It’s structure is comparable to that of a dense household sponge you would use to wash your dishes. Not as simple as it sounds. But that is a simple and easy was to describe it. It’s actually sprayed as a liquid then expands instantly to fill wall and roof cavities completely sealing the smallest cracks and seams.

So now you know what we are working with and have a good idea of the product makeup. Knowing that it’s comparable to a sponge it needs to be installed in a dry environment such as an attic or wall cavity. Considering this product is great for residential homes, there is many ways this can work great with commercial structures as well. So lets not steer anyone away with that last part.

One thing I would like to point out before we move into the most popular benefits such as how cool it keeps your attic and all the awesome energy savings is how open cell helps with air quality. Yes, air quality is right! The stuff you breathe everyday should always be a concern especially in your home where your family in most cases will spend half of their life. Open cell foam can work as an air filtration system supplying a dense breathable barrier around your home. This can almost block most if not all exterior air pollutants from entering your home. Awesome right!?

Now back to the cool attics. Unlike the old stuff, spray foam is applied to the underside of your roof deck. Not on your attic floor. Here’s why. The reason your attic is hot is because the sun is beaming from above on the outside roof deck heating those black shingles up turning your attic into an oven. Well if your insulation in located on the attic floor, you are basically inviting all the heat into your attic then hoping the fluffy stuff on the floor blocks it from heating up your living area. Doesn’t sound like it makes much sense right.

So now do you see why applying it to the underside of the roof deck makes sense? You are addressing the problem right at the source. The foam applied to the underside of your roof completely blocks the heat load from the sun from entering your attic space which ultimately takes all the stress off your cooling system.

But wait, my attic is vented and I have the whirly bird turbine looking things that are supposed to keep my attic cool right? Wrong. Let me put this senario into prospective for you. Imagine going  outside and sitting inside your car. Crack the windows about 3-5 inches front and back. This would be comparable to your softies around your home. By now you realize it’s hot and you are roasting like a Thanksgiving turkey. Now lets turn the key on and turn the fan on without the a/c. Just the fan. We can pretend this is your turbines. Feels a lot better right? Probably a little but having a fan inside an oven doesn’t do much justice. Now lets imagine you are sitting in your huge attic space. Over 1500-2500 sqft of hot roof deck over your head, with that much space you won’t even come close to a breeze.

Things are starting to make sense

So how does it save you all this money? Well by now you should understand how keeping the heat out your attic makes sense aside from letting your attic heat up and attempt to help it vent out. Attics with spray foam installed are 80% cooler than attics with traditional insulation. If you set your homes thermostat on 70 degrees durning the hottest part of the day. You can expect your attic about 15-20 degrees warmer when it’s sealed with foam. Oh and no humidity.

Now that your attic is under control during the hottest part of the day your a/c system will not run all day and in most case 40-60 percent less than before. This is why customers with spray foam see 40-60 percent savings on thier energy bills! So what are you waiting for?