Well it’s a few day until Thanksgiving, two to be exact. I’m looking forward to the holidays and more so the consistent cooler weather. Spray foam can be some pretty hot work in the warmer parts of the year so as soon as the weather changes things start to look up for us over here at Green Apple Insulation.


The past few months have been extremely busy and with the weather all over the place it’s been hard to keep a steady pace with everything. Especially with all the hurricane scares, that really makes a mess for our scheduling. At the moment we are pretty backed up but pushing through, so we should be caught up on our overflow the next week or two.


We’ve had the luxury of spray tons of new construction projects around the city and large amount of retro jobs in the past few months. The city is really booming right now for everyone, and it’s great to see the economy and here doing well. Closed cell spray foam has really been popular this year with customers and home builders alike which is a shock considering it is a more costly product. Open cell is usually what we commonly spray for most products but I guess things are changing up.


Okay well this post is really starting to trail off so I’m gonna wrap it up here. Just wanted to check in and I’ll be sure to have better content on the next few entries lol