New Orlean’s second-most popular time of the year, the haunting season, is finally kicking into gear throughout the city today. Tourism numbers keep booming, with 17.74 million people coming to the region during 2017, up 5.7 percent from 2016. There to experience the nightlife, the music, the culture, and the French Quarter, New Orleans is ranked as one of the best haunted American cities, with plenty to do – and even more to eat.

Perhaps attributed to American Horror Story’s feature of New Orleans in its third season, the Voodoo Music Festival, or the rise of Instagram and photo and video-sharing, whatever the reason, people are throwing on their masks and capes and heading to New Orleans for the spookiest time of the year.

As a result, restaurants are preparing themselves for the influx. But, it shouldn’t be too hard as restaurants continue to open in the city at an exponential pace.

More Restaurants Than Ever Before

The Advocate reported that there were 1,216 restaurants in the region this past May, up 24 percent following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. The city now has the highest amount of restaurants that it has ever seen in the last 15-year period.

With the flow of restaurants comes new hotels, and with new hotels comes even more options for tourists to pay a visit to the French City. With more tourism comes more local dollars spent, which benefits everyone at the local level.

However, opinion writers have claimed that the city needs to be careful regarding running longtime establishments and veterans out of business. With such selection, many old school places aren’t able to keep up with the innovation. Could this contribute to a rise in housing rates that will force families from their longtime communities? It’s the same story we see in newly popular locations throughout the world.

Regardless of the future restaurant scene, you can still invest in the integrity of your local New Orleans piece of the pie. You don’t have to wait around for property tax changes; you can be proactive right here, right now.

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