What To Consider When Buying Or Building

The real estate market in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana is finally booming again. After nearly 15 years of a rebuilding process, the city is finally ready to grow! The infrastructure is sound, the precautions are in place, and the buyers and sellers are standing at the ready to make their dive into the market. Along with the massive number of rehabilitation and remodel homes that are currently looking for buyers, developers have come into the city with plans for new construction homes and buildings. Their ultimate goal? Bringing New Orleans back to its former glory, but with more life, more soul, and more homes!

If you’re in the market for a new construction home, or if you’re a developer working on new construction homes, there are a few things that you can take into account when narrowing down your criteria – one of them should without a doubt be the type of insulation used to protect a home against the elements.


For Buyers

New Orleans is an amazing city; it’s full of life, full of energy, and full of soul. But then again, we have to face the reality of the city’s geographical location, right along the Gulf of Mexico. And unfortunately, the Gulf of Mexico stands right in the crosshairs of the Atlantic’s favorite route for sending its massive hurricanes down towards land. While there are always going to be some considerations when buying a home that could fall victim to hurricanes, there are a few major considerations you should make when buying a new construction home.

First, is the home located in a flood-prone region. And if it is, is it best protected? For instance, many of the homes that were rebuilt, remodeled, or renovated after Hurricane Katrina were built upon raised foundations to help protect them against floods, storms, and future hurricanes. If your new construction home is not built on top of a raised foundation, you may want to see what other precautions were put in place to protect your next big investment from the elements.

Spray Foam insulation is an absolute necessity. For starters, Spray Foam insulation is derived from cutting-edge and innovative foam technology, allowing you to better insulate your home and ensure that all of those hard to reach nooks and crannies are fully insulated, something that the traditional fiber glass insulations lacked.

Not only will Spray Foam insulation help to ensure that water, moisture, and humidity stay out, it will also ensure that clean, safe, filtered air stays in, keeping your family safe and sound at all times.

For Builders

When it comes to new construction, builders know that they have to make their homes competitive. They do this by adding unique features, customized layouts and floorplans, and safety features. However, builders should also take into account the type of insulation they choose to install.

Buyers know that Spray Foam insulation is more effective, and they will expect to see it in their new construction home, especially since it is one of the most cutting-edge building products on the market.

In addition to installing additional protections from the elements, builders should be sure to choose Spray Foam insulation, so that they offer a guarantee to prospective buyers that their new construction home is built to last.


Green Apple Insulation

Green Apple Insulation is the premiere provider of Spray Foam insulation solutions within the city of New Orleans. If you’re ready to insulate your home the right way, contact us today to get started.



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