March Madness and Home RenovationsIt’s that time of year again!  The birds are chirping.  The fish are biting…and we are all filling out our March Madness Brackets!  With the long, beautiful (did I mention cool) days of spring upon us, it’s hard to believe that there would be any madness right now.  But, we love our basketball…and making things pretty.  Don’t let the madness bleed into your next home renovation project.  This spring, save the madness for NCAA brackets, basketball parties, and you children’s outdoor spring sports.

Make educated decisions about your next home renovation project.  According to Renovation Magazine, there are 10 renovations that offer the best return on investment (ROI).  Grab a snack and let’s look at those 10 projects.  You just might find something to do between games.

1.  Interior Paint

Super easy, right?  Fresh paint is an easy way to brighten a space on a tight budget.  Go for neutral colors if you’re trying to resell.

2.  New Windows

Replacing old windows can also brighten a space.   Keep in mind that windows at the higher end of the price point will offer little to no ROI, but vinyl windows offer a 74 percent ROI, which is one percent higher than wood windows!

3.  Bathroom Improvements

ADDING a bathroom is a major investment that doesn’t offer a high return, but simply replacing a vanity, a toilet, and lighting can offer a quick and inexpensive update to an existing bathroom.

4.  Kitchen Remodel

A complete overhaul of your kitchen might be out of the question, but refacing cabinets, updating finishes, or even updating floors can offer an 80 percent ROI.  If possible, add in some new appliances, and you’ll hit two of the ten on our list!

5.   High Efficiency Appliances

New appliances (including water heaters) offer dual benefits. Your home will be more attractive if you’re reselling.  Plus, these shiny new appliances are more energy efficient, so they reduce your energy costs.

6.  Improved Landscaping

An overall landscape upgrade can offer a 105 percent return on investment. You read that correctly…105 percent!  Curb appeal is real, people!

7.  Better front door

A pretty new door can be highlighted by that beautiful new landscaping.  A steel entry door will offer a 91 percent ROI, and a fiberglass door will get you a 78 percent ROI.

8.  New Garage door

Replacing the garage door is considered an “upscale renovation” by Remodeling Magazine, and it offers one of the top ROIs at 85 percent.

9.  More square footage

This is a bit of a challenge in Louisiana.  The ease in other parts of the country is that a homeowner can finish a basement to add both value and square footage to his or her home.  Adding square footage in areas without basements can range from creative to complicated, so this one is probably location-specific.

And last, but certainly not least…


Added insulation topped Renovation Magazine’s 2017 list of 29—YES 29—home projects.  Insulating your attic is an inexpensive project, and like we’ve discussed all-to-many times, it improves the energy efficiency of your home.  So, in addition to making your home more affordable, should you decided to sell, insulating your attic with spray foam will provide a 108 percent ROI.


So, save the madness for the NCAA, and insulate your attic before the Championship Game!