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    I have an older home located in New Orleans, La. It’s about 100 years old, and elevated roughly 4 feet. It does not have a sub floor just the original wood floors with nothing underneath. The floor overall is still in great shape, but there is several cracks and large gaps is areas where you can see the home has settled over the years as it’s kind of uneven.

    The floor has no existing insulation, we had it removed since it was older and the majority of the insulation had fallen down prior to use moving in. It’s always been really drafty and now with all of the insulation removed it’s even worse. During the cooler months you cold feel the cold air coming though the floors like a jet and it was almost impossible to keep the home warm during the nights and early mornings.

    I’ve read several different things online about open cell foam and closed cell foam and I’m really confused about which one I need to insulated the underside of my home.


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    Your situation is very common, a large majority of homes in the New Orleans area were in fact built with this style of subfloor for the simple fact to allow air flow to circulate throughout the home during the hotter months of the year. This was a great idea when we depended on the outside elements to keep our homes cool in the summer, but now with central heating and cooling we have to retrofit our homes to work properly with this new technology.

    So there is a lot of controversy with open and closed cell spray foams when it comes to subfloors. In the early years when spray foam was commercialized for residential application it was a learning curve for most companies getting into the business. So there was mistakes to be made.

    So to answer your question, 2 inches of closed cell foam would be the best option for your particular situation. It will seal the entire underside of your home, and provide a total of about R16 of insulation value to the underside of the home. So no more drafts and no more cold feet. Also I’d like to add that sealing up those cracks and gaps will help prevent those unwanted insects and bugs out of your home as well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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