Fireblock insulating foam sealant can save much more than energy costs. By sealing the pipe, cable and duct penetrations, you minimize airflow. During a fire, that means flames, harmful gasses and toxic smoke cannot spread as quickly. And in an emergency, that could make all the difference. The fact that it helps you conserve energy, reduce drafts and save on heating and cooling costs is great too. We can install this in many different applications such as but not limited to; residential homes, commercial buildings, schools, warehouses and industrial buildings.

  • Impedes spread of fire and smoke through service penetrations
  • Recognized as an alternate fire blocking material for residential construction; tested according to ASTM E84, ASTM E814 (modified), UL 1715
  • Seals service penetrations between floors and el ectrical runs through wall studs
  • Airtight, water-resistant and has exceptional adhesion to building materials
  • Tack free in 6 minutes; trims in 30 minutes; cures rigid in 8 hours
  • Bright orange colored foam for easy code identification

Fireblocking can be done with a wide range of products and brands like caulk, foam and puddy. Check with you inspector and find out which product is right for your product and give us a call. We have you covered.