Insulating a Metal Building With Closed Cell Spray Foam

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When it comes to insulating a metal building, closed cell spray foam should by your number one choice. Here a few of the main reasons why; Closed cell spray foam is extremely dense and can help reinforce the sheet metal that covers the exterior walls and roof by 275%. This virtually makes it storm proof. Another reason is closed cell is so dense it is waterproof and acts as a [...]

Applying Closed Cell Spray Foam Underside a Raised New Construction Home

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Closed cell spray foam is the number one product you should be using when insulating the underside of your home. In the picture you can see the foam is sprayed directly into the floor joint cavities by a spray foam installer. Once the foam is sprayed in place it will expand, dry and finally harden to the underside of the home. Once the foam has cured, usually over the course [...]

Wall Sprayed With On Cell Spray Foam Insulation

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In this picture you can understand the general idea of what open cell spray foam insulation looks like installed in the wall cavities of a new construction home. The installer basically sprays the gun in a side by side sweeping motion consistently from top to bottom of the wall cavity. This allows an even amount of foam to fill and expand out the cavity .After the foam has fully expanded [...]