beat the heat new orleansIt looks like Louisiana Winter has finally ended. The Winter Olympics are over,and temperatures in New Orleans are back in the 70-80 degrees range. It’s a great time to do lots of things, such as: weed your plants, spruce up your patio, mow the lawn, start your spring cleaning, get some spray foam in your attic. You heard me right: Get your attic insulated with some spray foam.
Let’s be honest. Most people in Louisiana fall into one of two categories: Either you loved the cold cool (Let’s face it…we are in New Orleans) weather, or you couldn’t wait for it to end. In reality, it doesn’t matter where you fit in these categories. By mid-June, definitely July, you’re going to be a hot, sticky mess just like everyone else. That, my friend, is where we can help you.
It’s no surprise that is already predicting a long, hot summer with daily temperatures in excess of 90 degrees. If you’re like most natives, you’re thinking, “I’ll just grab a snowball if I have to leave home. Otherwise, I’ll be at home utilizing my air conditioner.” Excellent plan…if your attic is properly insulated.

Let’s imagine it’s a hot summer day in Louisiana. You’ve got your air conditioner on a nice moderate 78 degrees because you want to save money on your cooling costs. How responsible of you! The only problem is, you bought your house, and never checked to ensure the attic was properly insulated. On a 95 degrees day, your attic temperatures can raise to up to 160 degrees. Although we all learned in science that heat rises, this heat is going to affect your air conditioner’s ability to maintain a cool temperature. That means that your air conditioner has to work harder to keep your house 78 degrees, and that means that your energy costs will increase dramatically in the summer. No worries: This is something we can help you out with. Give us a call now or email and we will respond within 30 minutes during regular business hours. Spray foam can reduce your energy bill by 60%. Let me say that again in case someone missed it. Spray foam can reduce your energy bill by 60%. The only thing more important than driving down your summer energy costs is doing it before we reach those 90 degrees + summer days. While summer energy savings are dramatically different due to the spike in temperature, you can easily experience year around savings on your energy bills when your home is properly insulated.

Check back tomorrow, and we will discuss the average cost to insulate your attic with spray foam and the many benefits you’ll receive in addition to the savings on
our energy bill. Remember, if you need additional information immediately or you’d like to speak to someone in person, you can all ways call Green Apple Insulation at 504-377- 8094 or fill out our contact form. One of our professionals would love to help you decide what will best meet your needs!