New Orleans has found itself at the center of quite a few news stories over the centuries, most recently the devastation following Hurricane Katrina. As a major tourist destination and frequently featured community in media, there have been some different myths that have popped up over the years. We’re here to set the record straight and debunk these different misconceptions once and for all. As a local foam spraying company, we want you to know everything there is to know about this beautiful city.

Here are a few New Orleans myths, debunked:

  1. “Everyone speaks French.”

Sure, the French may have founded the city 200-years ago, but that doesn’t mean we all speak French. We’re regular English-speaking Americans, like the rest of the country. A small majority boasts the bi-lingual skill, yes, but the rest of us simply speak English and go on with our days. 

  1. “Parts of New Orleans are still submerged following Hurricane Katrina.”

Although the devastation lived on long after the hurricane had left, it is false to say that portions of the city are submerged today. We are completely dry and above sea level (presently), finally rebuilding our communities and establishments that were washed away. In an effort to keep everything dry, here at Green Apple Insulation, we provide an essential service to guarantee dryness into the future.

  1. “We live in a swampland.” 

False. The next closest swamp to the city is a 40-minute drive away. It is actually impossible to build buildings atop swamp land, which is why our city is located a nice distance away from any swamp activity. However, swamps make for fun tours, if you are thinking about it.

  1. “The only attraction is the French Quarter.”

Although the French Quarter is amazing, there is much more than makes up our beautiful city. Check out St. Charles Avenue streetcars, the beautiful homes in the Garden District, shopping in Uptown, and boutiques on Magazine Street. Take time to visit the art galleries and museums in the Warehouse district when you get a chance; and of course, dine and indulge at venues in every corner of the city.

  1. “People in New Orleans eat weird animals.”

No, unlike what you’ve seen on TV, we do not eat alligator, squirrel, or raccoon. We enjoy delicious dining that is common throughout the rest of the country. Raccoon is not a “delicacy” you are going to find on any of our menus.

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