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Should I Remove Old Attic Insulation Before I Spray Foam?

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Well should you? This question has been danced around for quite a few years now. Believe it or not many spray foam contractors either don’t know the answer to this question or don’t care. Mainly because it can be expensive and make you reconsider doing anything at all. Think of it like this, you called a few companies to come out and give you a quote on spray foaming your [...]

Only Produce Thrives in a Hothouse

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If you read yesterday’s post, you know that attic temperatures in these hot, Louisiana summers can get up to 160 degrees.  That’s even hotter than an ideal greenhouse temperature, which is still  pretty hot at about 85 degrees. The good thing is, it’s still relatively cool right now.  There’s still time to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Spray foam insulation can reduce your energy costs by 60% in the summer. [...]

Beat the Heat, Reduce Energy Costs Before Summer!

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It looks like Louisiana Winter has finally ended. The Winter Olympics are over,and temperatures in New Orleans are back in the 70-80 degrees range. It’s a great time to do lots of things, such as: weed your plants, spruce up your patio, mow the lawn, start your spring cleaning, get some spray foam in your attic. You heard me right: Get your attic insulated with some spray foam. Let’s be [...]

Spray Foam Insulation – Saving New Orleans Residents Money

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Is Spray Foam Insulation worth it and does it actually help you in saving money? Many residential homes in New Orleans are insulated using old techniques and even older materials.  You may feel like your getting a pretty good deal with some of these cheaper materials but in the long run, it’s costing you way more. In reality, outdated materials and old techniques of insulating your Residential Homes in New [...]