Reasons Why More People Are Choosing Spray Foam

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Although spray foam may initially seem costly to most consumers, people are unaware of the many benefits of spray foam insulation. One of the main reasons people decide to insulate their houses with spray foam is because it can provide an average of 40%-60% energy savings monthly. Because of the incredible insulation powers of spray foam, [...]

Residential Home – Zephyr Homes – New Orleans, La

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This New Orleans home was sprayed with 5 inches of closed cell spray foam insulation in the roof,  and 3 inches of open cell spray foam insulation in the walls. Along with 2 inches of  closed cell spray foam insulation applied to the underside of the sub-floor to assure a quality seal from top to bottom. [...]

Study Finds Spray Foam Insulation More Effective Than Fiberglass

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In San Antonio, Texas, CPS Energy is taking a closer look at energy efficiency in three homes with identical floor plans but varied degrees of efficiency. The company had the three homes built and sold them with the understanding that the owner’s energy use would be carefully monitored for research purposes. The control home was designed to the [...]